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Keyfuels Direct Keyfuels Pay-G
Total Network 1,800 sites 1,800 sites
 Best For Companies...

Who prefer to buy their own fuel in bulk from a supplier


With own yard facilities and who wish to integrate own yard with on-the-road drawings

Who prefer a one-stop-shop solution
Extended Network Available? Yes - Network add-ons available Yes - Network add-ons available
Fuel Supply Method Customer sources fuel (Keyfuels will facilitate this if needed). Keyfuels then co-ordinates the customer's fuel deliveries into the network No bulk fuel purchase needed. Keyfuels supplies fuel from within the network and the customer only pays for fuel drawn
Stockholding 7-10 days required Not required (pay-as-you-go)
Fuel Pricing Customer pays fuel supplier directly using the agreed pricing formula Weekly fixed commercial fuel price based on volume and services required
Management Charges A ppl fee based on customer's volume and services required Included in weekly fixed fuel price
Credit Terms

Fuel - as negotiated by the customer with the fuel supplier


Management Fee - weekly invoice + up to 21 days

Weekly Invoice + up to 14 days