Our Network

"To make accessing the Keyfuels network as easy as possible we are working to deliver site information to you in as many ways as possible, ensuring that you can access Keyfuels when you want to and how you want to."

The Keyfuels Network


When it comes to site networks, the Keyfuels network has it all. With over 1,800 sites already in place, and more on the way, the Keyfuels network is larger than that of any single oil company brand. More impressive still, against the backdrop of a rapidly shrinking UK forecourt market place, Keyfuels’ network bucks the industry trend and continues to grow each year.


Our multi-branded network offers an unrivalled mix of supermarkets, Motorway Service Areas, oil company sites and truckstops stretching the length and breadth of the UK.


Not that the size of network alone makes Keyfuels stand out. It’s where those sites are that is most important. Our sites are positioned in the most convenient locations possible and are carefully managed to ensure that strategic refuelling locations for vehicles of all sizes are covered along trunk routes, motorways and in all key cities and towns.


Add ever-increasing network flexibility plus optimum access for Direct and PAY-G customers, and it’s clear to see why more and more customers and operators are setting their sights on Keyfuels.


Sites Nearby

Search for your nearest Keyfuels site from any given location.  

Corridor Search

The corridor search application is used to identify refuelling locations, within a given distance, along a travel route.