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Offline Keyfuels Reporting Suite

Market Leading Reports

Keyfuels offer an extensive suite of Management Information and Fuel Management Reports that cover all aspects of fuel, and fleet management.

Working closely with our Customers we have developed a range of reports to meet a range all Customer’s specific requirements. Our market leading Management Reports are developed within the business and are available exclusively to Keyfuels Customers.

Full Report Flexibility

All reports offer flexible, intelligent calendars, enabling the Customer to specify not only the date range of the data but also the run date of the reports to ensure full data capture. Reports can be set up at any Account or Depot level and multiple recipients can be added to each report as required. A range of formats are available and can be specified for each recipient.

Reporting Suite Summary

Our Management and Information Reports are split into 5 key groups for ease of reference.

  1. Stock and Transaction Reports
    The most commonly used report types that provide info on fuel drawings and stock positions.
  2. Card Security
    A selection of reports used to track and monitor unusual card usage on your account.
  3. Business and Account Management
    Set specific parameters to monitor your Customer’s card usage including variations in drawing patterns and card not used.
  4. Vehicle Performance
    Essential vehicle performance and MPG reports from basic information through to full extended data.
  5. Network Information
    Keep up to date with all Keyfuels Site information including new and closing sites and POI files for use with Driver’s Sat Nav devices.

For more information on our reporting and how we can meet your requirements, please contact us.