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Keyfuels Site Locator App


Download the Keyfuels Site Locator app for free from Google Play, the App Store and Blackberry World, now with our added 'Postcode Search' tool!

Easily navigate the 1,800+ sites that make up the Keyfuels network from your phone!


Site Locator for Blackberry

Version 1.1 without postcode search for trackball devices running Blackberry operating system version 4.5 and 4.7.1

Version 2.1 with postcode search for trackball/trackpad devices running Blackberry operating system version 5.0 to 7.1

Click on the link above and your Blackberry will automatically download the compatible version.



Site Locator for Android (with postcode search)




Site Locator for iPhone Version 1.0 (without postcode search)

This version will no longer be available from the 31st July 2015




Site Locator for iPhone Version 2.0 (with postcode search - iOS 0.5 and above only)


 App store 



The new version of the Site Locator has all the functionality of version 1.0 but now has a handy new 'postcode search' function where users can key in the postcode of a Keyfuels affiliated site and get directions to it. This negates the need for costly detours allowing drivers to find their nearest Keyfuels station quicker than ever before.


Other features include:


  • Suitable for Android, iPhones and Blackberry 
  • See your closest and most appropriate filling station displayed by Google Maps.
  • The app uses the phone’s inbuilt GPS signal and network location to identify your position, directing you quickly and easily to your chosen location.
  • Tailor your search to find sites most suitable for different vehicles types from HGV’s to LCV’s.
  • No more unnecessary detours
  • Helps to reduce fuel waste and fleet costs.




The Site Locator application is a continuation of Keyfuels commitment to provide drivers and managers with the tools to save fuel and ultimately, increase fleet profitability.


For more information on the Keyfuels range of fuel management and fuelcard solutions contact on 01922 704455 or visit the rest of the website.